Top Places Of Interest To Visit In The Great City Of St Louis Missouri

I grew up just across the Missouri border in western Kentucky, and I am a huge Cardinals fan. However, I never got to travel to St Louis as a child. I have been there once as an adult. I didn’t know that The Gateway City had so many nicknames. It’s also known as Mound City, River City and The Lou. Here are four wonderful places to visit as you are making your way through St Louis MO.

You are going to find that St Louis has quite a few museums. City Museum is located at 701 North 15th Street. One thing about this museum is that it is said to feature a lot of interactive activities. Some people call it a giant playground, and that means you know the kids are going to have fun. Doesn’t City Museum seem like it would be quite the adventure?

Powder Valley Conservation Center Nature Center is located on Cragwold Road, and it is also said to be fun for everyone. There are three paved nature trails that you can enjoy while you’re at this nature center. People talk about seeing all kinds of wildlife there, including deer. It will be fun to stop by and experience nature while you’re traveling around St Louis.

The St Louis Zoo is also a wonderful place to visit, and there are almost 7000 animals there. You will find 15 major exhibits, and the zoo is a great attraction for spending the day with your family. You will find the St Louis Zoo on Government Drive, and make sure you take time to ride the train.

The Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum is another popular attraction, and its location is 601 Clark Avenue. You will see so much history and memorabilia there associated with the best players and managers in Cardinals history. Stan Musial passed away not too long ago, as did Red Schoinediest. Stan’s bat is there according to the reviews, and you can just imagine what else you will find. I would be thrilled to stop by this Hall of Fame and Museum. What about you?

All of these wonderful attractions are great places to visit when you are in St Louis MO. There are plenty more wonderful things to do in the city as well. Did you know that St Louis is not Missouri’s most populous city? There is lots more to discover about the great city of St Louis, Missouri.