Renting Apartments

6 Questions To Answer Before Renting Apartments In St Louis MO

Searching for the perfect apartments for rent St Louis MO requires you to think clearly and ask yourself a few simple questions. In fact, there are probably a number of questions you have never even thought of asking yourself! Here are six often ignored, but important questions to always ask before renting:

  1. Is there cell reception in and near the buildings?

In this day and age, you really can’t afford to move to an apartment building that doesn’t have good cell reception. This is especially true if a cell phone is your only line of communication with the outside world. This is a question you can easily answer by walking around the apartment community and asking for a tour of the buildings. Just keep checking your cell reception and take notes where it isn’t optimally working.

  1. Is there an Internet service provider you like in the area?

One of the pitfalls of relocating to apartments in St Louis MO is having to deal with potentially new utility companies. Though many people forget, it is important to know what your Internet service provider options are. If you have been dealing with a company you like for years, it maybe worth it to move to areas they are able to service.

  1. Are there belongings and children’s toys left outside unattended?

This may seem like a strange question to ask, but it is the only question that will allow you to gauge the crime rate. If neighbors trust each other and they can leave things outside, it means you really don’t have to worry about theft in the neighborhood. On the other hand, if people seem all too cautious and rarely even go beyond their doors, it could be a neighborhood you should pass on.

  1. What is the average rental time for apartments in St Louis MO?

When you find an apartment community that you like, you need to ask the management the above question. If you hear that people are only on short-term leases and leave within a few months, it could be a sign that the community isn’t a good one.

  1. Are the windows double-glazed with good insulation?

Any area that gets cold in the winter deserves to have that question answered. The fact remains that moving to an apartment with thin and old windows means higher energy bills for you. Not to mention, it becomes a nightmare to heat in the winter!

  1. Are the neighbors friendly?

The only way to figure the answer to this question is to talk to a few of the tenants living there. Ask them questions about apartment life and what the best and worst areas of the neighborhood are. If people are willing to talk, it means you can at least trust them to do the right thing.

Are you ready to find your new home? If so, it can be an exciting experience, as long as you can answer the questions above. The more you know about a place, the better your chances are of avoiding pitfalls!